Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Secret to Success

Today, I'm watching this beautiful biographical documentary, The Buddha. Every minute is packed with elegant and poetic prose and striking scenery of the middle east. That's one thing in life I'm a total sucker for - beautiful prose! I remember in high school, I was reading The Great Gatsby aloud in class, and I just stopped and said, "I could read this for days. The prose is beautiful." My teacher cried, because somebody got it.

In The Buddha, a young man is speaking of Buddha's path and how Buddha escaped humanity, eating only one grain of rice a day, starving himself until death's door and drinking his own urin. The purpose of this was so that he could release his body to be of his mind. The young man states, "It was so powerful, it must have soaked his whole entire being."

He let it soak his being.
He let it engulf him.

Buddha became successful in his spiritual journey because he let his path and desire soak his being.

The same is true for each one of us in whatever path we wish to be manifested -- be it money, peace, love, or any desire or goal. Think about jumping in the pool with all of your clothes on, and compare that amount of wetness to running through the sprinklers. Yes, you get wet when you run through the sprinklers, but you can still get out pretty unscathed. But when you jump in a pool, there is no mercy!

Let your desires soak your whole entire being.
Jump into a pool of your dreams and swim in them.

Happy Tuesday!
Paige Sauer